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Master Painters Canada has established a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service, with our own network of Painters, Plasters and Sealers  who are skilled  and well trained, and ready to work side-by-side with you, to ensure that you receive a high level of personalized service and expert advice, to assure your complete satisfaction.

Industrial Painting and Restoration Services

• Large and Small Spraying Applications of High-performance Chemical Coatings
• Technical Coating Applications
• Corrosion Control
• Water-Blast Cleaning 3,000-25,000 psi
• Sandblasting and Water-blasting
• Tank & Storage Vessel Painting & Coating
• Heavy Industrial Floor Resurfacing
• Blast Cleaning with Environmentally-safe Media (Black Beauty™, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, etc.)

Master Painters Canada recognizes the importance of providing our services at times that are convenient and necessary to you. We provide crews on off-hours and weekends so our work will not interfere with your normal day-to-day operations.


In order to provide for a durable and lasting finish, proper surface preparation is required. Our attention-to-detail begin with...

• Cleaning, using environmentally-safe chemicals
• Removal of dirt, atmospheric and manufacturing contaminants, loose paint, rust, or graffiti
• Using Sanding Disks, Needle Guns, Roto-peening Tools

Especially on exterior jobs, we make sure all necessary conditions for applying coatings follow the coating manufacturer's specifications, such as...

• Air Temperature – Temperature cannot be too cold or too hot, even though current coatings can be applied with temperatures as low as 35ºF
• Surface Temperatures & Humidity – affect how the paint will adhere and dry
• Wind Conditions – Even when using roller applications, over-spray is always a concern, so to ensure a professional paint job, we sometimes have to delay a job until the winds calm down.
• Film Thickness – it is critically important to the success of any coating project that the coating should be installed or applied with the manufacturer's specified film thickness which is measured in mils, which can range from 4 to 60 mils, depending upon material selection.


We take some extra steps to ensure that our spray application equipment is properly maintained, our painters well-trained and experienced with the following equipment...

• Conventional Air Sprayers
• Airless Sprayers
• Air-assisted Sprayers
• Electrostatic Spray Paint
• Plural Component Spray Equipment
• HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) Equipment

When applying paint, our experienced painters are highly-skilled in conventional coating application methodology, such as brushing and rolling. Furthermore, we constantly monitoring weather conditions. More importantly, we ensure that the paint is applied at the proper film thickness. Using wet film gauges, we take regular readings to ensure the paint is being applied at the manufacturer's specified thickness. If the coating is too thin, it will not afford the proper protection, while coatings that are too thick can cause cracking and peeling.

Employing the proper coating system on a specific substrate, such as concrete or metal, is critical to the life span of the coating. Especially when there are environmental and/or ambient conditions affecting the coating types, such as...

• Alkyds / Oil-based Paints
• Epoxies (polyamides, polyamines, novalacs)
• Polyurethanes (catalyzed, aliphatic, acrylics)
• Polyureas
• 100% Solids Epoxy Applications
• Zinc-rich Coatings

Of course, many jobs still require the use of conventional application methodology, such as a paintbrush or rollers. To assure that we always use the proper high-quality rollers (mohair, ½-inch, ¾-inch, 1-¼ inch), all depend on the particular paint type being applied.


Master Painters Canada is experienced, and equipped for working with swing stages, aerial lifts, and temporary tower scaffolding, which means that there is no structure we cannot access.

A swing-stage is an elevated work platform that is supported by suspension lines, and is used primarily on high-rise buildings. Safety beams and counterweights are used to suspend our scaffold from the roof, and the platform is then raised and lowered with automatic hoisting equipment.

Aerial lifts can have articulated swing arms, telescoping elevation devices, and moveable bases, enabling them to reach nearly any part of a building. When positioning the lifts, we lay down a 1-inch thick plywood path to protect any landscaping from the weight of the equipment.

We can erect a temporary tower scaffolding structure for elevated work. This option is available for large indoor and outdoor projects where, due to obstruction or architectural inaccessibility, aerial lifts cannot be used.


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Master Painters Canada paints with products from the best paint manufactures to assure our clients with highest  standards for all interior and exterior painting, plastering, and stucco.


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